OUr History

Integrated Power Solutions (IPS) was established in the year 1998, in order to capitalize on the transparencies that are present in the global business community today. IPS was conceptualized to bridge the East and West. In simple terms, each region has its own products and resources that one can capitalize on. Keeping this in mind, IPS takes companies from around the world and help them find avenues and common ground where they can maximize returns on their investment and capitalize on their core competencies. 

Since establishment of company in 1998, IPS has created strategic relationship position in the following companies:


IPS team and its associates have led multinational/multibillion dollars companies world wide. IPS is a consortium of high-level specialists who have joined hands to make such a vision a reality. IPS specializes in projects related to the Energy Sector. However, IPS is a company that believes in providing a total package solution, by keeping its core business in sight of being Core Business: Project Developer/Developer's Advisor and Consulting therefore, has increased its portfolio to include projects that belong to the following sectors:

  • 1.   Engineering and Change-Management
  • 2.   TGreen Building Techniques
  • 3.   Energy Efficiency
  • 4.   Renewable Energy Applications
  • 5.   Power Generation & Distribution
  • 6.   HVAC
  • 7.   Automotive Manufacturing
  • 8.   Information Technology
  • 9.   B2B eCommerce
  • 10. Human-Resource & Personnel development
  • 11. Strategic Planning
  • 12. Infrastructure Project