Management and consulting


Integrated Power Solutions (IPS) was originally formed in 1998. During the past two decades, IPS has evolved into a leading Engineering, Consulting, and Project Management Company specializing in the generation, transmission and distribution of energy.

IPS’s most important assets are its associates and employees that are experts in all areas of engineering, design, project management, financing, contract and project execution. We believe in providing continuing training and education to ensure that our staff is fully prepared to bring a wide variety of solutions to your goals/objectives.

IPS develops a specific implementation plan for each client and project, taking into consideration the optimal engineering/design together with the appropriate technology and financing alternatives.


  • 1. Steam and Power Generation
  • 2. Solar Power Generation
  • 3. Coal-fired Power Generation
  • 4. Transmission and Distribution
  • 5. District Energy Plants (Heating and Cooling)
  • 6. Fuel Conversions



  • 1. Engineering (Development through Detailed Design)
  • 2. Project Management
  • 3. Construction Management
  • 4. Commissioning
  • 5. Regulatory and Permit Filings
  • 6. Feasibility Studies
  • 7. Cost Estimates
  • 8. Project and Investment Economic Analysis